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  • 031503d


    Mar 15, 2022Cranberry Evolve (300 counts) OTG USA ?? Qty : 10M BoxesPrices: @ $27.50Net + 0.30 procurement fee + commission markup SOP:1.Short NCNDA all parties Buyer funds Buyer’s attorney’s escrow account for full price. Buyer issues ICPO, KYC, AML Buyer’s attorney issues LOA certifying1) that the funds are blocked for that transaction and2) that…

  • 031507k


    (amended) Mar 15, 2022Cranberry Evolve (300 counts) OTG USA ??Certified inspector has verified the lot. Qty: 100m -500MPrice: $24.50(30 cents commission) SOPNCNDASOP ContractBuyer Documentation (ICPO, CIS, LOA)FCO from OwnerATV from Buyer Banker to Owners AttorneyReceive Verifiable SGSSPA and Escrow AgreementLoad EscrowInspect and PayClose and Begin Transport

  • 031506r


    Mar 15, 2022Cranberry Evolve CT (300 counts) DDP USA ?? CT Inspect and PayQty: 862,640Price: $28.50Commission: markup and seller kick back SOPNCNDA ICPO IMFPACi with inspection report that was done on Friday with bill of sale .Ge off inspected Of saleWirePick up

  • 031402d


    Mar 14, 2022 Flowflex FOB USA ?? Product : Flowflex Antigen test kits (FOB USA)Qty : 20M KitsPrice : US$ 4.80 per KitCommission : US$0.18 per Kit Open Buy Side SOP:1.Short NCNDA. All parties Buyer issues ICPO, LOA, KYC, AML Bank Statement (Latest 3 days) from top tier 5 banks Globally.Soft IMFPA for all parties…

  • 031404j


    Mar 14, 2022Cranberry Evolve (300 counts) USA ?? Vessel is at LA port nowUS seller, prefers to sell the whole lots Qty: 174 million box(6450 containers, 27000 box in one container)Price: $22.8 CIF LA netMarkup your commission and seller kickback SOPNCNDA Buyer provide LOI, LOA, ICPO to seller’s attorney Seller’s attorney will provide strong LOA…

  • 031501w


    Mar 15, 2022Cranberry Evolve (300 counts) CIF USA ??Origin is ThailandPayment releases at destination port after buyer confirms product authenticity MOQ 1M x 12MAX 15m x 12SBLC $20.8DLC $21.3 CIP AirSBLC $22DLC $22.5 Incl buy side comm$0.3 SOP1) LOI (must include buyer FDA import license), NCNDA2) FCO ICPO3) SPA (IMFPA will be signed after SPA…

  • 021201s


    Ansell MTMT (200 counts) OTG USA ?? 100% OTG USA Qty: 20 million boxesMOQ: 1 million boxesPrice: $20.00Comm: $0.40 cents ⭐ 1st and for most Letter of Procurement need to be filled and sign in order to participate in this deal. ⭐ SOP NCNDA ICPO, KYC, AML Bank Tear Sheet SPA, EA Redacted SGS Fund…

  • 031401d


    March 14, 2022 1860 OTG HONG KONG ?? Product : 3M 1860Origin : European UnionQty : 500M PiecesPrice : US$ 1.80 + 10%Commission : 48% Open Buy Side SOP:1.Short NCNDA. All parties Buyer issues ICPO, LOA, KYC, AML, (All documents, buyer to use our template and address to RIO AM Capital Holdings Pte Ltd and…

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    Mar 15, 2022IHealth OTG USA ?? Location: LA Qty: 156 Pallets | 1.179M BoxesPrice: $8.65Commission: $0.1 SOP:NCNDAICPOCommercial Invoice(After invoice is executed, purchaser will receiveInspection Report and Chain of Custody Documentation),Purchaser Funds escrow,Inspect,Product Pick up / Funds released

  • 031505t


    Mar 15, 2022Cranberry Evolve CT (300 counts) DDP USA ??DDA USAPrice: USD$25.50MOQ: 1 million boxesCommissions : $0.38666 open SOPNCNDA The Buyer sends the LOI – ICPO – KYC – CIS according to this offer with the documents of the buyingcompany (End Buyer) The Seller sends the FCO (Full Corporate Offer) to the Buyer. Buyer signs…