Mar 15, 2022
Cranberry Evolve CT (300 counts) DDP USA ??
Price: USD$25.50
MOQ: 1 million boxes
Commissions : $0.38666 open


  1. The Buyer sends the LOI – ICPO – KYC – CIS according to this offer with the documents of the buying
    company (End Buyer)
  2. The Seller sends the FCO (Full Corporate Offer) to the Buyer.
  3. Buyer signs and returns FCO.
  4. The Seller sends the SPA Draft (Sales – Purchase Agreement) to the Buyer.
  5. The Buyer returns the SPA signed and stamped.
  6. The Seller Signs and seals the SPA.
  7. The Buyer initiates the banking process for the issuance of the SBLC.
    The seller receives the stamped SBLC at his bank, separates the inventory to start with the Dispatches of the gloves.
  8. The Seller sends the Buyer, shipping documents:
    AWB, Commercial Invoice, SGS Report, Export Declaration.
    Product certificates, CE/ASTM3169 – FDA -SATRA -TUV – ISO EN374-5 – EN455 I,II,II PPE FDA. 510K for each shipment shipped.
  9. The Buyer receives and verifies the DDP product in warehouses in California
  10. The Buyer pays via MT103 the amount of the shipment delivered to the warehouses in California


  • the customer releases the payment upon receiving the product in his own warehouse
  • We offer you a performant bond of 2% of the total SBLC UP to $ 2,00,000.00 as a penalty in case WE DO NOT comply with what is stipulated in the contract, that we fail and do NOT deliver the gloves,
  • In case you do not want to use your letter of credit, we offer you to use the letter of credit that our supplier has for the purchase of these gloves, if you need more information about this SBLC, please contact us.
  • Our warehouse is in LA. Goods Arrive in 10 days to your warehouse.






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