Mar 15, 2022
Cranberry Evolve (300 counts) OTG USA ??

Qty : 10M Boxes
Prices: @ $27.50Net + 0.30 procurement fee + commission markup

1.Short NCNDA all parties

  1. Buyer funds Buyer’s attorney’s escrow account for full price.
  2. Buyer issues ICPO, KYC, AML
  3. Buyer’s attorney issues LOA certifying
    1) that the funds are blocked for that transaction and
    2) that the funds will be paid out upon satisfactory inspection; Buyer’s attorney also provides screenshot of account or bank statement.
  4. SPA, redacted SGS and IMFPA within 24 hours.
  5. Within 48 Hours of signing the SPA and verifying the SGS, Buyer shall do an inspection of the product at designated warehouse.
  6. Upon the Buyer declaring the inspection satisfactory, the funds are automatically moved to the Seller’s attorney. If products do not pass inspection, the funds are returned to the Buyer.






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