Mar 14, 2022

Flowflex FOB USA ??

Product : Flowflex Antigen test kits (FOB USA)
Qty : 20M Kits
Price : US$ 4.80 per Kit
Commission : US$0.18 per Kit Open Buy Side

1.Short NCNDA. All parties

  1. Buyer issues ICPO, LOA, KYC, AML
  2. Bank Statement (Latest 3 days) from top tier 5 banks Globally.
    Soft IMFPA for all parties signatures
  3. SPA, EA and IMFPA
  4. POP
    after POP buyer to load fully value to 3rd party attorney client trust escrow account
  5. The Buyer shall do an inspection of the product at each tranche (5M Kits every 4-5 days).
    Upon satisfactory inspection, Buyer will give consent to release and draw down the fund in the attorney client trust escrow account to the Seller.
    The Buyer shall arrange logistic and up lifting the product






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