Mar 11, 2022
Cranberry Evolve (300 counts) FOB USA ??


No POF — Inspect and Pay
Govt contracts

Lot sizes available as below
1-50 Mln Boxes- USD 27.70
2-25Mln Boxes- USD 28.20
3-10Mln Boxes- USD 29.20
4-5Mln Boxes – USD 30.20
Commission incl 40 cents (start from Vic)

*Markup commission :
BM can top-up comission
but will be paid by IMFPA and final price
and buyer side comission will be in the knowledge of Buyer


  1. NCNDA + Confidentially Agreement (Between Seller and Buyer and also Seller and any other key Co)
  2. Buyer provides ICPO – KYC – AML- PAL – (AND to also send SOP acceptance form-Signed-as proof of acceptance)
    3.Due Diligence by Seller & Vetting attorney. Vetting Attorney will contact Buyer Attorney if any questions needed for DD
    4.Parties execute SPA, Commission and Consulting Agreements and Escrow Agreement relating to final payment transfer.
    5.Seller arranges Warehouse Inspection and provides SGS
    6.Within 24 hours of Inspection, Buyer Wires Total payment as per the Escrow arrangement.
    7.Title Transfers
  3. Buyer arranges Logistics / Lifting of stock

Without POF the timeline will be lesser around 5 working days to takeover the title.
The main point is how fast buyer can go for inspection and fund escrow.
More over these stocks exhaust within a blink so buyer has to be very fast.

Q&A: – Govt orders
For this inspect and pay SOP, do you think it is good for the buyer with the govt orders behind?

  • It could work for Buyers with Govt contracts as long as they have ability to ensure payment release within 24 hours of Inspection.
    If post inspection they need to get payment from Govt Agency and then pay Seller, it will not work.






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